Stories that Celebrate

Throughout the 2022-23 Academic Year, the Communications team put a strong focus on telling the story of UMassD from those who can share it best – our students. 

From following students studying abroad and highlighting local internship success to covering students stepping out of the classroom to make an impact in their community (and doing pretty amazing things like attending the SOTU!), the Comms team had it covered. 

There’s a lot that happens after we click “publish” on a story. See below for just a few examples of where our stories end up (with the help of our marketing colleagues) – print pieces, social media, video, digital ads and more!  

Featured stories:
Ramina Behzad ’25: Turning her passion into life-changing
Janay Davidson, JD ’23: Ready for work as a New York City public defender
Kenny Duong, ’23, ’24: Becoming a leader 

For more from our Communications Specialists, Debra Hazian,  Kelsey Healey and David James, visit our website.

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