UMassD on the web in 2021


UMassD and most if its subdomains and partner sites garnered over 13 million pageviews in 2021. Let’s take a look back at some web stats from 2021.

πŸ† Most viewed programs

Second Degree Accelerated BS in Nursing (23k) was our most-visited program webpage followed closely by Computer Science MS Online (21k), Online MBA (20k),Β Nursing MS Online (19.5k), andΒ Data Science MS (18k).

While our most viewed on-campus undergraduate programs for 2021 were Nursing BS, Crime and Justice Studies BA, and Computer Science BS, BS/MS.

πŸ† Most visited college website

Our most viewed school or college website was UMass Law with almost exactly 300,000 pageviews.

πŸ† Most viewed profile page

Erin Bromage’s profile generated 4,000 pageviews, followed by Honggang Wang, Ramprasad Balasubramanian,Β  Vijaya Chalivendra, and Pamela Karimi.

πŸ”Ž Most popular search term

The most popular search term used on site search was “academic calendar”.

πŸ† Most viewed feature story

UMass Dartmouth’s most viewed feature story was about Grace Perry ’20 doing research at Harvard Medical School.

πŸ† Most viewed news story or press release

U.S. News & World Report naming UMass Dartmouth “2022 Best College” and Celebrating Women’s History were among the most viewed news stories of 2021.

404 Page not found πŸ™

The number of 404 Page not found errors for was down 58.3% from 2020, nice πŸ‘

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